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STUBE offers..

Weekend seminars, summer academies, workshops

On weekends or over a longer time period, we take a closer look at topics that STUBE students find important. Topics from the areas of economy, globalization, development policy, technologies, health, gender, environment, agriculture, food, human rights, religions, political systems and cultural diversity.


Multiplier training

We train embassadors for a more just world. The training focuses on topics that make the connection between the global South and the North visible. Once trained, the students are deployed as multipliers in schools, universities and church communities. 


Vocational internships and study visits

STUBE’s BPSA programme covers the travel costs for a study visit/an internship in the home country. The students can put the knowledge from their studies to a practical test in their home country. This is also an opportunity to establish contacts with potential employers and thus facilitate successful reintegration.


Local activities on the ground

The programme supports students financially and organizationally in offering events at the university sites. The students speak about their countries and present current developments in direct dialogue with the public.


Annette Klinke
Responsible for international relations and ecumenism

M | ak(at)
P | +49 511 1215-148

Christine Holtkamp
Bread for the World
Responsible for the supplementary development study programme
Education Department

M | christine.holtkamp(at) 
P | +49 30 65211-1947